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Chankoya Totoganashi, which is near Ryogoku Station, is under an elevated bridge near the station. Many customers visit this shop as it is a warm space among the shops around the Kokugikan, where you can spend time in a shop with a taste reminiscent of the downtown area.
You can spend a cup of coffee on the way back to watch a sumo game, and you can use it for a variety of situations, such as drinking a glass with friends on the way home from work or drinking at a company. Please contact us for charter for 20 to 50 people. In addition, you can enjoy lunch only and have a meal.
Features of Totoganashi

At Chankoya near Ryogoku Station, we were particular about ingredients and sake.

“I want the customers who have come here to have a good time.” This is what the store that focuses on cooking and liquor cherishes. Therefore, I am particular about the ingredients and liquors that are served at the store as well as serving customers. Boasting a wide variety of hot pots, the most popular “Yokozuna” is homemade tsukune, tsumire, chicken, shrimp, crab, seafood and many other ingredients. The soup soaked with the flavor of the ingredients is exquisite and can be tasted as udon or uncle. One-of-a-kind dishes include sashimi made with fresh seafood, nigiri sushi, and chicken dishes using Oyama chicken for grilled dishes.
Liquor also sticks to Tokyo breweries, and offers a variety of menus, from carefully selected Japanese sake to Amami Oshima brown sugar and rare shochu that are only allowed to be produced in Amami Oshima. Classic beer, sour and highball wines are also available. Hoppy and cocktails are also available, so please enjoy your favorite liquor.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is a warm space

Tokyo and Ryogoku are both known as sumo towns, but it is also known for the fact that the downtown area remains. Many people visit Kokugikan for watching sumo and sightseeing in Tokyo. Therefore, people who come to the store after returning to Sumo watching or sightseeing will come to enjoy a meal and a drink. Therefore, we are also making efforts to create an atmosphere in the store, making it a place where you can spend a relaxing time in a space that reminds you of downtown.
There are three table seats for four people, and they are adapted for barrier-free, so even those who come with strollers or wheelchairs can move smoothly. The table for the tatami mats is basically a table for 4 people, but it can be moved up to 28 people so you can enjoy meals with your family. The tables can be attached side by side, so you can sit side by side. Enjoy the time with your family with delicious food in the shop where you can feel the atmosphere of the downtown area.

Chanko shop near Ryogoku Station has 7 types of hot pot

A shop where you can enjoy authentic taste near the Ryogoku Kokugikan has 7 types of hot pot. The most popular “Yokozuna” is a pot that can be enjoyed by a large number of ingredients such as seafood and meat. Moreover, the soup that exudes the umami of the ingredients is exquisite and you will want to drink up to the last drop. This is a menu where you can enjoy uncles and udon using this soup deliciously.
There are 6 kinds of chicken, pork, seafood, and other hot pots using a secret chicken broth soy sauce-based golden soup. At the end, you can enjoy uncles and udon noodles in a secret soup with the flavor of the ingredients. The pots with plenty of mountain and seafood are exquisite, so when you come to Ryogoku, please try it once.

Chanko is popular, and shops near Ryogoku Station also have a drink menu

Shops that increase the variety of new local sake on a monthly basis are carefully selected with a focus on Tokyo breweries. Local sake collected from only 9 sake breweries in Tokyo is finished with high quality groundwater and underground water flowing from the Tamagawa River system, so it has a good taste. Because it changes every month, you can enjoy different types of local sake each time, and it has good compatibility with hot pots. In addition, Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu, which is only allowed to be produced in Amami Oshima, is also available.
In addition, the menu of classic beers, highballs, sours, etc. has been enhanced so that many people can enjoy it, and there are a wide variety of cocktails. For those who are not good at alcohol, soft drinks are also available. There are also wines and hoppies, so please enjoy your favorite drink.


Chankoya's Totogashi near Ryogoku Station

Many seafood dishes prepared with fresh ingredients

If you want to taste Chanko cuisine at Ryogoku Station, leave it to us. There are three courses for hot pot dishes with plenty of fresh ingredients, so you can choose according to your budget. The popular Yokozuna course hot pot is a luxurious dish with all of the Tsukune, Tsumire and seafood.
There is no doubt that fresh seafood and meat-flavored soup will be addictive. In addition, we have prepared a total of 7 types of pans using plenty of mountain and seafood. In addition to the hot pot, there is an abundant selection of dishes so you can enjoy dishes that match the mood of the day. Please enjoy as much as you can as it has fresh ingredients.


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