The recommended ingredients purchased on that day will also be posted on the blog

At Chankoya, near Ryogoku Station, homemade tsumi, chicken, shrimp, crabs, seafood and a lot of pots are popular. A blog has been set up to convey the menu and appeal of the soup, which is full of umami from the ingredients in the finest soup, with a delicious taste.
In a warm space with a downtown atmosphere, we will update useful information from time to time, such as the inside of the store with a good atmosphere, daily business scenery, information on holidays, etc. and seasonal deals. Check out our blog, which is popular in both countries.
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    Chanko with plenty of seafood at Ryogoku St...

    Chankoya "Totoganashi" under Ryogoku Station. It's getting colder outside, and Chanko Nabe has become a delicious season! Well, today I wo...
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    If you are looking for delicious Chanko at ...

    It is “Chankoya and Toganashi” under Ryogoku Station.   I started blogging today! Since it is the first time, I would like to introduce our shop! ...
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    The website has been released! !

    The homepage was released today! !
If you would like to know about popular shops near Ryogoku Kokugikan, please check the blog. A menu using fresh seafood that we want to recommend today and dishes using Daisen chicken, including brown sugar shochu that is only allowed in Amami Oshima, centered on local sake carefully selected by the store owner and carefully selected from the breweries in Tokyo I will introduce sake. In addition, we will send you discount information.
A regular customer has also received a happy voice, such as “Cooking for the food on the blog”. Sapporo Susukino is a place where you can enjoy a warm meal in a warm atmosphere in the downtown area. We can accept charters from 20 people, so please drop in at any time, not only for banquets and farewell parties, but also for returning to entertainment and watching sumo.