Chanko with plenty of seafood at Ryogoku Station!

2019/10/31 blog

Chankoya "Totoganashi" under Ryogoku Station.

It's getting colder outside, and Chanko Nabe has become a delicious season!

Well, today I would like to introduce you to our recommended chanko!

Yokozuna Chanko

Yokozuna Chanko with plenty of seafood, 2630 yen per person! (Photo is for 2 people)

Crab, shrimp, cod, salmon, scallops, and chanko with plenty of seafood!

Plus, the chicken and chicken meatballs, the sardine tsunami, and the heel ingredients were still on!

Our shop is the most popular and the most affordable!

The finished product is a deep and rich taste with the soup stocked from the seafood mixed with the soup!

We are operating well from 17:00 today!

When you get off at Ryogoku Station, please enjoy delicious Chanko at our shop.