Supports small-sized banquets and farewell parties to charter and entertainment

Ryogoku Station's Chanko shop, Totoganashi is a good location near the station. Those who come to watch the sumo tournament at the Ryogoku Kokugikan can stop by not only for meals and banquets but also for work return. In addition, it can be used for small groups of people and company farewell parties, and it can also be reserved for more than 20 to 50 people.
It is a place where you can enjoy various seafood dishes, talk with your friends while enjoying fresh seafood, report work results with colleagues in the company, and enjoy at a private party.

One dish is popular at Tokoganashi, a Chanko shop near Ryogoku Station.

At Chanokoya Totoganashi near Ryogoku Station, hot pot dishes are the best choice, but there is also an extensive menu of single dishes. The freshness of the seafood from Toyosu is exquisite, with salmon pickled in Nanban and grilled items such as silvery Saikyo-yaki. There are also 3 types of nigiri sushi and nigiri sushi, and the battered sushi is recommended for eating in large groups.
Chicken dishes using Daisen chicken are also popular, and the grilled salt, where you can fully enjoy the taste of the ingredients, has a savory skin, the meat is soft, and when you bite, the flavor spreads as the juice fills your mouth. Teriyaki, which is popular for its sweet flavor, is popular for its aroma of meat and the flavor of soy sauce. Yuzu Koko Shoyaki, which features a spicy and spicy aftertaste, will be promoted with sake and shochu.

The Chanko shop Totoganashi at Ryogoku Station is a short distance from the station

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is conveniently located just outside the east exit of the nearest station. Many people use it when the Sumo is held so that they can quickly reach the Ryogoku Kokugikan.
There are many people who want to enjoy meals and banquets on the way back to the sumo wrestling game, but there are also customers who come to drink alone on the way home from work and customers who use it at drinking parties, There are table seats and parlor seats. There are a total of 3 table seats where 4 people can sit and they are barrier-free. Up to 28 people can sit down and sit side by side by attaching a table, so even a large number of customers can use it at once. We will provide hospitality so that visitors who come in various ways can enjoy it, so please drop in without hesitation.

Chanko shop near Ryogoku Station has 7 types of hot pot

A shop where you can enjoy authentic taste near the Ryogoku Kokugikan has 7 types of hot pot. The most popular “Yokozuna” is a pot that can be enjoyed by a large number of ingredients such as seafood and meat. Moreover, the soup that exudes the umami of the ingredients is exquisite and you will want to drink up to the last drop. This is a menu where you can enjoy uncles and udon using this soup deliciously.
There are 6 kinds of chicken, pork, seafood, and other hot pots using a secret chicken broth soy sauce-based golden soup. At the end, you can enjoy uncles and udon noodles in a secret soup with the flavor of the ingredients. The pots with plenty of mountain and seafood are exquisite, so when you come to Ryogoku, please try it once.

Chanko is popular, and shops near Ryogoku Station also have a drink menu

Shops that increase the variety of new local sake on a monthly basis are carefully selected with a focus on Tokyo breweries. Local sake collected from only 9 sake breweries in Tokyo is finished with high quality groundwater and underground water flowing from the Tamagawa River system, so it has a good taste. Because it changes every month, you can enjoy different types of local sake each time, and it has good compatibility with hot pots. In addition, Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu, which is only allowed to be produced in Amami Oshima, is also available.
In addition, the menu of classic beers, highballs, sours, etc. has been enhanced so that many people can enjoy it, and there are a wide variety of cocktails. For those who are not good at alcohol, soft drinks are also available. There are also wines and hoppies, so please enjoy your favorite drink.

A blog about Chanokoya and Totoganashi near Ryogoku Station

The staff blog is disseminated from stores as an effort to let many people know. It will be updated daily, with a focus on what customers want to taste today and the introduction of liquor that suits their cuisine. The hot pots are carefully selected to increase the variety of new local sake, and the hot pot of soy sauce-based golden soup based on carefully selected local sake and secret chicken is delicious. There are many creative dishes that go well with liquor, and we introduce the ingredients that were stocked that day with beautiful photos. Articles decorated with beautiful photos are appetizing, so you may want to try them if you are watching.
The downtown area has a warm atmosphere and creates a comfortable space. If you are new to Ryogoku, you will find useful information when you search for a store.