Chankoya near Ryogoku Station also offers all-you-can-drink

If you want to taste Chanko Nabe near Ryogoku Station, please come to a highly reputed restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected sake and shochu and fresh ingredients from local Tokyo. Sake made in Tokyo brewery finished with high quality groundwater and underground water flowing from the Tamagawa River system is offered monthly.
There are three types of drink comparison sets that can be compared from many types and monthly brands, so you can enjoy new discoveries whenever you come. Shochu is also available from Tokyo Shojima to Amami Oshima brown sugar.

Please enjoy 7 kinds of pots at Chankoya near Ryogoku Station

You can have a good time because there are delicious dishes and sake that you can enjoy in the reputable shops. In order for our customers to come home with a smile, we would like you to enhance your product lineup and choose the one you like. The specialty pot uses plenty of homemade tsukune and tsutsumi, chicken, shrimp, crabs, and seafood, while the secret chicken soy sauce-based golden soup complements the taste of the ingredients. Once the flavor of the ingredients is soaked, taste it with your uncle or udon and the taste will spread throughout your mouth.
There are seven types of pots in total, and the most popular “Yokozuna” is a luxurious menu that includes homemade tsukune and tsunami, chicken, shrimp, crabs, and seafood. The classic chicken pot is a dish made with Toyama's brand chicken, Daisen chicken. In addition to black pig pots and ducks, we also have tuna, tsumelet and fish.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is under the railway

Shops in the Ryogoku area are visited not only by regular customers, but also by those who come to watch Sumo and see Tokyo, saying they want to eat delicious food in both countries. Because it is under the overpass immediately after exiting the nearest station and is in a good location within walking distance from Ryogoku Kokugikan, you can go by any way you like by train or taxi. Card payments are also available as part of creating a store where people can easily go to a hot pot after watching a sumo tournament. By making the card payment OK, it is easier for foreigners who have visited for sightseeing, and regular customers are also very pleased with the reputation.
In addition to the hot pots that you can also enjoy, there are also grilled dishes such as sashimi made with fresh seafood, nigiri sushi, pickled salmon in Nanban and silvery Saikyoyaki. Chicken dishes made with Tottori brand chicken and Daisen chicken can also be enjoyed with salt-grilled or fried chicken that can be enjoyed with the original taste of the meat.

At Chankoya near Ryogoku Station, you can enjoy it in a downtown-like space

If you want to enjoy Chanko after watching Sumo near Ryogoku Station, please come to the station under the overpass near the station. Looking at the big game, you can get a cup of tea while gazing at the pot when you talk with each other while looking back at the best, without getting excited. However, it is not a place to talk about the cold and cold atmosphere of the shop that has entered. If it is a lively and lively place in a warm space, you can have fun.
In addition to watching Sumo games, it is located in the area around Kokugikan as a place where you can have a good time for visitors to Tokyo sightseeing. To accommodate farewell parties and banquets from small drinking parties, we offer a barrier-free table seat for 4 people and a seat for up to 28 people. You can also hold a private banquet for 20 to 50 people, so please contact us.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is a downtown-like shop

This is a place where you can relax in a warm atmosphere in a space reminiscent of the downtown style, probably because the hot pot is in the Ryogoku area. The wood-grained table creates a peaceful atmosphere, so you can forget your busy daily life. Inside the store are barrier-free, and there are 3 table seats for 4 seats and up to 28 seats, so you can use it with a small number of people, such as returning to a sumo game or drinking with friends, banquets and launching etc. Can accommodate a large number of people. In addition, please feel free to consult us because we are also hiring for 20 to 50 people.
It is easy to access immediately after walking from the nearest station, and you can have a good time without worrying about the return time. This is a place where you can have a quick drink on your way home from work or relax while talking with friends. There are a lot of dishes and delicious liquor that stick to the purchase of fresh ingredients, and it has a good reputation in word of mouth.


Chankoya's Totogashi near Ryogoku Station

Many seafood dishes prepared with fresh ingredients

If you want to taste Chanko cuisine at Ryogoku Station, leave it to us. There are three courses for hot pot dishes with plenty of fresh ingredients, so you can choose according to your budget. The popular Yokozuna course hot pot is a luxurious dish with all of the Tsukune, Tsumire and seafood.
There is no doubt that fresh seafood and meat-flavored soup will be addictive. In addition, we have prepared a total of 7 types of pans using plenty of mountain and seafood. In addition to the hot pot, there is an abundant selection of dishes so you can enjoy dishes that match the mood of the day. Please enjoy as much as you can as it has fresh ingredients.


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