Chankoya around Ryogoku Station also offers dishes using fresh ingredients

Ryogoku Station's Chankoya Totoganashi is a shop that stocks fresh ingredients and provides them to customers. Homemade tsukune, tsumire, chicken, shrimp, crab, seafood and a lot of ingredients are delicious dishes that can be tasted up to the soup with plenty of ingredients. In addition, Daisen chicken where you can enjoy the original taste of chicken and stewed beef stir-fry over time.
You can enjoy sake with dishes, such as Japanese sake, shochu, and Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu made at the brewery in Tokyo.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is a downtown-like shop

This is a place where you can relax in a warm atmosphere in a space reminiscent of the downtown style, probably because the hot pot is in the Ryogoku area. The wood-grained table creates a peaceful atmosphere, so you can forget your busy daily life. Inside the store are barrier-free, and there are 3 table seats for 4 seats and up to 28 seats, so you can use it with a small number of people, such as returning to a sumo game or drinking with friends, banquets and launching etc. Can accommodate a large number of people. In addition, please feel free to consult us because we are also hiring for 20 to 50 people.
It is easy to access immediately after walking from the nearest station, and you can have a good time without worrying about the return time. This is a place where you can have a quick drink on your way home from work or relax while talking with friends. There are a lot of dishes and delicious liquor that stick to the purchase of fresh ingredients, and it has a good reputation in word of mouth.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is also particular about the ingredients

We value the provision of fresh ingredients to our customers, and we are particular about our purchasing and production areas. The seafood that is the classic menu of hot pot is only used directly from Toyosu, and the same ingredients are provided for popular dishes. Depending on the ingredients you have purchased, you can choose not only the sashimi but also the season of the day, such as boiled and baked.
As for the meat, Tottori Prefecture uses Oyama local chickens that have been researched for many years on the basis of war chickens in order to provide high-quality chickens. The chicken has a nostalgic taste full of wildness and is chewy and rich. This chicken can be eaten by deep-fried or teriyaki, and it can be enjoyed with salt grilled foods. A pan using plenty of these ingredients is delicious when the ingredients are soaked in a soup that spreads the flavor of chicken. At the end, we have heard that the soup with the taste of ingredients in udon and uncle is delicious.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station serves local sake selected carefully.

The delicious liquor provided by Chankoya near Ryogoku Station will help you progress and improve your conversation. There is nothing special about the production area, and Tokyo's sake is made from high-quality groundwater and underground water that flows from the Tamagawa River system. We have selected carefully. Carefully selected local sake is prepared every month so you can find your favorite cup by comparing it.
The specialty shochu has a variety of shochu and barley shochu, but there is an unusual type called Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu. This shochu is only permitted in the Amami Islands and is made from rice bran and sugar cane. It has a sweet scent of brown sugar, has few habits, and is easy to drink. There are a wide variety of drink menus, as well as classic beers, highballs, sours and wines.

The Chanko shop Totoganashi at Ryogoku Station is a short distance from the station

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is conveniently located just outside the east exit of the nearest station. Many people use it when the Sumo is held so that they can quickly reach the Ryogoku Kokugikan.
There are many people who want to enjoy meals and banquets on the way back to the sumo wrestling game, but there are also customers who come to drink alone on the way home from work and customers who use it at drinking parties, There are table seats and parlor seats. There are a total of 3 table seats where 4 people can sit and they are barrier-free. Up to 28 people can sit down and sit side by side by attaching a table, so even a large number of customers can use it at once. We will provide hospitality so that visitors who come in various ways can enjoy it, so please drop in without hesitation.


Chankoya's Totogashi near Ryogoku Station

Many seafood dishes prepared with fresh ingredients

If you want to taste Chanko cuisine at Ryogoku Station, leave it to us. There are three courses for hot pot dishes with plenty of fresh ingredients, so you can choose according to your budget. The popular Yokozuna course hot pot is a luxurious dish with all of the Tsukune, Tsumire and seafood.
There is no doubt that fresh seafood and meat-flavored soup will be addictive. In addition, we have prepared a total of 7 types of pans using plenty of mountain and seafood. In addition to the hot pot, there is an abundant selection of dishes so you can enjoy dishes that match the mood of the day. Please enjoy as much as you can as it has fresh ingredients.


A shop in a good location just a short walk from the station


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1-3-10 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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11:30 〜 23:00

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Chankoya Totoganashi, located near Ryogoku Station, is open in a convenient location just a short walk from the nearest station. In addition to hot pots and fresh dishes made with plenty of fresh seafood and meat, this restaurant also incorporates local sake and Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu that are carefully selected from Tokyo breweries. Please feel free to visit us because it is a warm space reminiscent of the downtown area.