Chankoya around Ryogoku Station can be used for banquets

If you are looking for Chankoya near Ryogoku Station, please use Totoganashi. We are trying to create a space that is easy to spend, from small group drinks such as returning to Sumo watching games and sightseeing in Tokyo, to company farewell parties and launches.
Talking with friends laughing in a downtown-like atmosphere is a sight that can always be seen in the store, using fresh seafood and meat so that all customers who come will return with a smile We are waiting for you with a hot pot and cooking. Please contact us without hesitation as we can accept charter.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is a short walk from Kokugikan

Tokyo and Ryogoku are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo, and many people visit here. Because it is a city of sumo, there are many stores that run from former wrestlers to chain stores and izakayas, so if you come here for the first time, you may not know where to go. Please look at the opinions of customers who come to the store so that there is nothing different than imagined even though we searched variously with smartphones in many restaurants .
Within the Ryogoku area, you can walk to the Kokugikan. Despite being in an easy-to-go place, you can relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the downtown area. Since the seats are also divided into a table and a tatami room, a small drinking party is fine. In addition, it is an open shop where the table seats are attached to each other so that they can gather together with business associates such as company farewell parties, New Year's parties, year-end parties, and meetings.

Please use Chankoya near Ryogoku Station for a banquet after watching Sumo

Sumo towns, both countries, are the towns where many people visit to watch games when sumo is held. Watching lively encounters between wrestlers is the best attraction and the best part of sumo. And after watching the game, you'll want to enjoy a meal or drink while leaving the excitement and finish. The wrestlers who are famous in both countries also enjoy the meat, seafood, and vegetables around the pot that they eat every day. The charm of one sumo. Pots and drinks to drink while soaking in the charm of sumo among family and friends are exceptional, and it will be an energy to work hard from the next day.
In addition to being able to enter the store as soon as you walk from the Kokugikan and close to the station, the pan has a variety of menus to suit your taste. You can also mix and serve ingredients such as tsukune, tsumire, ducks, and fish from the classic chicken pot. “Yokozuna” is popular for its volume and ingredients.

Chankoya near Ryogoku Station is also visited by those who come to Tokyo sightseeing

Chankoya, near Ryogoku Station, is highly regarded as one of the choices for visitors to Tokyo to eat. It has a menu of dishes and liquors, you can enjoy what you like, and it's a downtown and warm place to stay. There are many sake and shochu carefully selected around the Kokugikan, and there are also highball, sour and wine on the drink menu, so you can talk about your impressions of visiting the nearby tourist spots while drinking your favorite liquor. .
There are many dishes that are compatible with liquor, and they are served using fresh ingredients. The seafood purchased from the market every day is fresh and can be enjoyed not only in the main pot but also in sashimi and nigiri sushi. There are also other grilled items such as salmon pickled in Nanban and silvery Saikyo-yaki. As for meat dishes, fried chicken and teriyaki made with Tottori Daisen chicken are crispy and the meat is popular. You can also enjoy the grilled salt where you can enjoy the original taste of meat.

Please enjoy 7 kinds of pots at Chankoya near Ryogoku Station

You can have a good time because there are delicious dishes and sake that you can enjoy in the reputable shops. In order for our customers to come home with a smile, we would like you to enhance your product lineup and choose the one you like. The specialty pot uses plenty of homemade tsukune and tsutsumi, chicken, shrimp, crabs, and seafood, while the secret chicken soy sauce-based golden soup complements the taste of the ingredients. Once the flavor of the ingredients is soaked, taste it with your uncle or udon and the taste will spread throughout your mouth.
There are seven types of pots in total, and the most popular “Yokozuna” is a luxurious menu that includes homemade tsukune and tsunami, chicken, shrimp, crabs, and seafood. The classic chicken pot is a dish made with Toyama's brand chicken, Daisen chicken. In addition to black pig pots and ducks, we also have tuna, tsumelet and fish.


A shop in a good location just a short walk from the station


Store name


Street address

1-3-10 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11:30 〜 23:00

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Chankoya Totoganashi, located near Ryogoku Station, is open in a convenient location just a short walk from the nearest station. In addition to hot pots and fresh dishes made with plenty of fresh seafood and meat, this restaurant also incorporates local sake and Amami Oshima brown sugar shochu that are carefully selected from Tokyo breweries. Please feel free to visit us because it is a warm space reminiscent of the downtown area.


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