We have a wide selection of menus ranging from local liquors that are unique to shopkeepers to easy-to-drink cocktails

Chankoya Totoganashi, located near Ryogoku Station, is a place for those who want to dine on the way back from watching Sumo. Located just a short walk from the Kokugikan, it has a hot pot made with ingredients that are particular about its freshness.
Liquors with a variety of menus are prepared monthly and carefully selected with special attention to Tokyo breweries. There are also unbearable menus for liquor lovers, such as a set of three different drinks, so please enjoy as much as you want.

Popular shops near the Kokugikan are for requests such as "I want to have a meal on the way back to watching Sumo", "I want to have a drinking party with good friends", "I'm looking for a welcome party" We are responding. The store is reminiscent of the downtown atmosphere, and it is a warm space where you can spend a relaxing time. The 4-seat table seats are barrier-free and the table is large and you can relax slowly. The parlor seats are large and can accommodate up to 28 people. You can sit side by side by attaching a table. You can have a good time, such as talking about the sumo wrestling game with your family and friends, or talking about the world and hobbies.
The drinks menu includes local sake made in Tokyo's brewery, in addition to brown sugar shochu produced only in Amami Oshima, as well as a wide variety of beer, highball, wine, cocktails, sour and all you can drink Please enjoy it.