We also have meat dishes such as dishes using Daisen chicken from Tottori Prefecture

Ryogoku Station's Chankoya Totoganashi has a variety of menus. Chicken dishes using fresh seafood and Daisen chicken are gaining popularity, especially in hot pots that are particular about ingredients. In addition to local sake that is particular about Tokyo's breweries, you can enjoy sake that goes well with dishes such as beer, highball and wine.
Please come to the shop in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of the downtown area, where you can enjoy a variety of uses such as welcome party and launch from those who want to have a drink with friends.

If you are looking for delicious shops in the area around Kokugikan, please use popular shops that are a short walk from the station. In a warm space reminiscent of the downtown area, you can enjoy sake such as beer, wine, and highball while enjoying local sake that is particular to Tokyo breweries. Local sake selected by the owner is offered monthly, and there is an unbearable menu for liquor lovers, including a set of three different drinks.
There are also many types of Amami brown sugar shochu that is only allowed to be produced in the Amami Islands, including the popular Rento Amami rice bowl, the classic Nagamo Ichiban Bridge, and Nagamo Ichiban Bridge. We offer to your liking. There are a wide variety of sours, including cassis-based cocktails and mango soda. There are also soft drinks available, so if you are not good at alcohol, you can have a good time.